🚀 A Call to All Product Managers: Let’s Celebrate Collaborative Success! 🚀

2 min readJun 11, 2024


In the fast-paced world of product development, the primary focus is often on delivering features and products that delight users and drive business success. Product Managers play a crucial role in steering these projects, but it’s essential to take a moment to acknowledge the incredible contributions of the product design teams.

The Role of Designers

We, as designers, are the visionaries who transform concepts into tangible, user-friendly experiences. We bring creativity, empathy, and meticulous attention to detail to the table. Our contributions not only elevate the aesthetics but also ensure usability and accessibility, making our products truly exceptional.

🎨 Why Share the Credit?

Fostering Collaboration: When we recognize the efforts of the design team, we build a culture of mutual respect and collaboration. This leads to better teamwork and more innovative solutions.

Boosting Morale: Acknowledging the hard work and creativity of designers boosts their morale and motivation. A motivated team is a productive team!

Enhancing Product Quality: When designers feel valued, they are more invested in the success of the product, which can lead to higher-quality outcomes.

✨ Let’s Make It a Habit

Highlight Contributions: In team meetings and public forums, highlight the specific contributions of the design team members.

Share Success Stories: Use internal and external communication channels to share stories of how design and product management worked together to achieve success.

Co-present Achievements: When presenting a new feature or product, co-present with your design lead to show a united front and shared effort.

The Path to Collaborative Success

By celebrating our design partners, we not only build stronger teams but also create better products for our users. Let’s commit to thinking together, recognizing each other’s contributions, and driving collective success.

Here’s to more collaboration and shared victories! 🌟