ANYBODY CAN DESIGN — 5 Traits that tell you, you can be one too.

2 min readMay 12, 2023


I got asked recently, what are the few traits which can make a better product designer. Though, the question was for a product designer, I think it applies to any designer and any creative field.

Here are a few of them.

  1. Design Delights or Disasters

You are one of them who enjoy appreciating what is really good and can’t stop re-visualizing the disastrous experiences. Used an app which you loved or hated and can’t stop bringing it up in a conversation, then you are game for it.

2. Dig to Detail

Inherently, you observe details of everything. A thread missing in an embroidery, an extra space in a sentence, misaligned visuals, angle and placements, anything that makes you go an extra mile into looking at things.

3. Day Dreamer

You can’t stop visualizing about things or experiences that you desire to have. You have that compulsive trait to see everything pretty and fancy.

4. Rule Breaker

You have always found your own path than what world dictates. You always see yourself differently. You question everything and you love to boss around.

5. Planner

You love having your things in order. Even if they look messy, you have a way to navigate through. Files, Books, Thoughts, Goals…Trust me on this one, I can find things even with my eyes closed.