Healthy Lifestyle is a Choice

3 min readFeb 18, 2021


Motivation is what gets you started, habit is what keeps you going..

Hello all,

I am bringing this write up to you to share a few habits that have helped me stay fit in the long run.

Make a good habit stick!
  1. Start your day with water. Water in any form that you like. Hot or cold or with lemon or green tea. Keep exploring a new taste with water everyday.
  2. Keep yourself away from addictions. As soon as I feel that I am getting addicted to something, I start finding alternatives. Addictions could be as simple as having a cup of tea every morning. When your body receives the same set of nutrition everyday, it gets used to it. Keep surprising your body with newer things everyday. This would in return make your life interesting too :D :D!!
  3. We sit on the floor to eat. This habit keeps us on foot all the time. Setting the floor before and after meal, extends this. Sedentary lifestyle does not give us enough space for leg movement. We cannot totally avoid sitting on chairs or sofas. But introducing sometime with a cross legged position on bare floor is a good way to enhance blood circulation.
  4. Get out of your space. Exposure to greenery is a good way to calm your mind. Do anything that you feel like. This would turn out to be a fuel to your body or mind. I create options, I run, walk or cycle. Sometimes when time is no luxury, we walk to the market and bring our weekly stock of veggies or groceries. Sometimes, we go out to chitchat. While you talk your mind out, it gets calmer and it also catches the moving thoughts that you might have missed in the chaos. It acts sort of a brain dump.
  5. No Die-eating. I don’t believe in restricting myself from eating any kind of food. Somehow, in my mind food is connected to the ‘state of happiness’. We keep ourselves to home cooked food on weekdays and explore our food love on weekends. It could either be going to a restaurant or recreating a cuisine at home. And one extra choco-pie or samosa a day makes us move a mile extra the next. At times, when there are a lot of new food items unexpectedly on my plate, I also choose to use a calorie counter to see if we are not too overboard. Classifying food into days and zones and occasions let you not miss on anything yet stay fit.
  6. No one can eat just one. Yes! we are talking about snack time. Usually tea time is our snack time. Recently, we started to have tea sweetened with jaggery..75% less calories than a regular tea!Luckily, everyone in the family likes it. I drink tea and coffee very occasionally, but this has stuck with me for weeks now. Of course because of the numbers I guess ;D! It is snack time when it gets out of hands. One, they are tastier, two, there are seldom any snack that is healthier in Indian households, you have to be really picky. My mum is our snack time police. She decides our quota and serves it on a plate. This helps us control the portions. And, all of us eat out of the same plate which helps us from picking up large quantities. In simpler ways, we do not go beyond a limit and eat things we love. I eagerly wait for this time of the day.

Those were a few things that worked for us. Keen to know whats your secret. Share it across in the comments below.