Scrum Guide for Planning Life

3 min readFeb 24, 2023


Scrum is a widely used framework that helps teams in planning their time, tasks, and deliveries. It is a technique for product management that aids in directing teams’ efforts towards the product goal. Although other teams adore it just as much, the software development team can’t live without it.

The framework is further explained in the Scrum Guide. If you’re interested in learning more, go here.

While I have accepted new technologies, my affection for books and papers has not changed at all. I choose a paper planner to plan my days as it helps me channelize my thoughts better.

I tried using scrum as a guide for my life goals. While I am yet to achieve them, there have been significant progress and things have successfully gone from a list to action.

Empirical Scrum Pillars: Transparency, Inspection, Adaptation

Life Goals — Plan, Track, Analyze

Scrum Values:

Life Goals —

  1. Commitment — to achieving goals
  2. Focus — on the sprint to make it the best possible progress towards the goal
  3. Openness — open to keep things flexible
  4. Respect — different aspects of life
  5. Courage — to establish non-negotiables

Scrum Team:

Life Goals — Your goals…your rules….You do it all!

Scrum Events:

Life Goals —

1 &2. Sprint and Sprint Planning — A sprint is a time chunk that helps you create a considerable amount of progress each time. For life goals, a week seems to be ideal. It is a good amount of time to plan, execute and review one goal post. The Sprint Planning makes sure we have a well defined sprint goal. It tells us the following..

a. Why is this sprint valuable? A sprint has to be an incremental step towards the goal.

b. What can be done in this sprint? It could be difficult to decide how much can be completed in a sprint. The goal is to take baby steps and advance.

c. How will the chosen work get done? It is important to establish the definition of done to know when to stop.

3. Daily Scrum — Spend 10 min everyday to track progress

4. Sprint Review — Weekend review to evaluate planned v/s actuals.

5. Sprint Retrospective — Finding ways to improve quality and efficiency.

Scrum Artifacts:

Life Goals —

  1. Goal PlanKnow what’s your BHAG? and break them down into an ordered list of tasks which takes you closer to accomplishing your goal.

2. Week Plan — One or a few of these tasks with an action plan

3. Goal Posts — Every sprint should give you something to be proud of.

And last but not the least…