Strategies for upskilling the team

2 min readJul 10, 2023
Team Work

Being a part of the company, we do a lot of work everyday. We grow along and become better versions of ourselves. We call it years of experience. Instead of going the traditional route and say people will learn from the work they do day-in-day-out, here are a few strategies that I put together to grow my team from all the aspects.

  1. Confident Individualism Strategy: We run design hangouts everyday which is an open platform where team can share from anything to everything. We express, narrate stories, share experiences, share knowledge and connect with each other. The more conversations happen, people open up and talk better each time. Their thoughts get structured and start feeling comfortable.
  2. People Mastery Strategy: My team keeps upskilling every sprint with a new skill. They read up or take courses and tell us more about them. We draw perspectives and look at multiple case studies too. This helps us look at the theoretical and practical aspects of every concept. One person learning a thing is advantageous for the entire team growing together.
  3. Constant Improvement Strategy: They also bring in design problems in these sessions and we have so many eyes looking at and suggesting. We also encourage members to conduct mock usability tests. This helps them prepare, evaluate and improve.
  4. Social Engagement Strategy: Did you think we were going to talk about dinner parties and outings? That’s definitely there and we do many a things to bond the teams. But, with social engagement, we meant the connection we establish with cross functional teams. Not collaborating, but connecting with them to make sure that our designs are more accommodative of different perspectives. We also invite these teams to the hangout and convert the conversation into a session. Hah! a new thing learnt.

All of us know that we are here as a team to build up experience and be better designers. We just chose to do it together and lift up. Kudos to the team that does it all!